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  1. Follow the rules of this Website

    You understand that this Website offers webcam chat rooms for its members. Once you become a member after registration, you may use the services offered by this Website. When you use the services, you agree to follow membership rules and local laws and regulations.

  2. Introduction of services

    Through Internet connection, we provide various Internet-based information services. The required computer equipment to access this Website, as well as the Internet fees and telephone charges, shall be your sole responsibilities.

    The services offered by this Website are for members who have registered online with detailed and accurate personal information; you also agree to update or change the personal information at any time.

    If the personal information you provided is inaccurate, this Website may terminate your membership and the qualification to use the services.

  3. Modifications of membership rules

    This Website has the rights to modify the membership rules, and announce the modifications on its homepage. If you do not accept the modifications, you may choose to terminate the use of the services; if you continue to use the services, your action implies your acceptance of the modified rules.

  4. Suspension and modification of services

    This Website has the rights to suspend or modify the content of any service at any time without advanced notification. We are not responsible for any trouble, inconvenience or damage due to suspension or modification of any service.

  5. Privacy protection

    Respecting your personal privacy is basic policy of this Website. Thus, unless required by laws or competent authorities, this Website will not disclose your name, address, e-mail address and other personal information that is protected by laws without your authorization.

    Based on the services you receive from this Website, you may choose, with the scope of legal permission, to allow affiliated companies or business partners to use your personal information to offer you the other services.

    You agree that your personal information will be used as membership statistical data, and consent to any legal use of the statistical data if not to disclose any member identification.

    You agree, under circumstances as follows, to publicly disclose your personal information according to laws:

    1. Upon the requests by competent authority;
    2. To protect property, rights and interests;
    3. To protect personal security of members or the public under emergency circumstances.

  6. Account and password

    After registration, you will receive a account and a password; you are responsible for the security of the user name and password. You agree that you will not transfer or give the user name to other persons. If you found that your user member name has been illegally used or there is any abnormal condition that has security concerns, you shall notify this Website immediately.

  7. Waiver of obligations

    This Website is not responsible for any expressed or implied warranty of the services, and does not guarantee the stability, security, accuracy and continuity of services. You shall be responsible for risks of using the services and any possible damage incurred.

    This Website does not assume responsibility of any sale transaction and merchandise sold. You understand that the merchandise or services you purchase are provided by the suppliers, and they are fully responsible for any defect or warranty of the merchandise or services.

  8. Liability limitations

    This Website is not responsible for any direct, indirect, derived or unusual damage of any services. If the services you use are for consideration, this Website is only liable to the price range you paid for the service.

    The above-mentioned liability limitation does not apply in case of illegal situations.

  9. Users' obligations and responsibilities

    You are fully responsible for all contents you publish or transmit on this Website.

    You agree to comply with laws of the Republic of China, all rules and customary practices of international internet transmission. You also agree to comply with local laws and Internet practices of the Website, if you access this Website from outside of Taiwan.

    You agree and guarantee not to publish or transmit any information that is defamatory, untrue, threatening, unrefined, obscene, illegal, or may damage the intellectual property rights of the other parties.

    You agree that you will not engage in commercial advertisement or merchandise sale on this Website.

    This Website may determine whether you, the users, and your actions comply with the rules. If your actions violate the rules on this Website or any laws, you agree to terminate the usage of the services immediately.

  10. Compensation

    You agree to compensate the parent company, subsidiary, joint venture, employees and all relative personnel, if you violate laws or the rules on this Website and cause damages.

  11. Termination of services

    You have the rights to terminate your membership. Written notice is needed to terminate the member status of this Website.

    This Website has the rights to terminate any services, and you fully understand that this Website does not guarantee any unstoppable or uninterrupted service.

  12. Contents of programs

    1. You understand that the programs offered on this Websites are copyrighted. You agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, resell or use for any business purposes.
    2. In order to protect the rights and interests of program suppliers, you shall waive the rights of claim or pleadings due to the loss caused by program content of the restricted programs that are accepted by adults who are over 18 years old that violate local laws. Members who are under 18 years old shall not to view any program labeled restricted.

  13. Advertisement messages or promotional programs

    You understand that the contents of the advertisement and merchandise promotion advertised on the Website are provided by advertisers or merchandise/service suppliers, and the Website is only a medium to supply advertised content. Business transaction is between you and the supplier of merchandise, service information.

  14. General rules

    1. The rules are based on the laws of the Republic of China (not including foreign affairs civil laws or the other similar laws or regulations).
    2. For any disputes arising from the execution of the rules, Taiwan Chiayi District Court shall be the governing court of first instance.
    3. The invalidity of any part of the rules does not affect the effectiveness of other parts.

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  1. 2020-06-02
    親愛的用戶您好,因 2020-06-03 (三) 09:00 至 15:00 將進行區域性電力施工,施工期間將暫停服務,不便之處敬請見諒。
  2. 2019-07-22
    親愛的用戶您好,為因應中國金流公司手續費日漸調漲及匯率波動之影響,中國儲值項目 (微信、支付寶等) 將於 2019/08/01 起調降儲值贈點之比率,不便之處敬請見諒。
  3. 2019-04-09
    您好,為因應 Android 移動裝置系統於近日進行大幅更動,請更新 Android 應用程式至最新版本。若於更新後無法正常進入聊天室時,請先移除移動裝置應用程式再重新開啟您的裝置,待重啟後再重新下載並安裝應用程式,如有不便敬請見諒。
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